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We at Am-Dyn-Ic Fluid Power Inc stock a wide range of hydraulic components to build and complete just about any system imaginable. The small components can be the most important in the proper function of any system, including accessory valves.
offers many types and variants of accessory valves for both mobile and industrial applications, all time tested so you can be assured of quality in both function and reliability.

DC25 Priority Flow
Control Valves

"S" 3-port Selector Valves

"DS" Double Selector Valves

"JL" Series Inline
Relief Valves to 3/4"

"JT" Series Tee
Relief Valves to 3/4"

RPL Relief Valves to 1"

DWV Cushion Valves

"LO" Locking
Cushion Valves

"LOA" Locking
Cushion Valves

"PD" Proportional
Flow Dividers

"LT" and "LTF"
Check Valves

Colorflow Needle Valves

Parker offers the broadest line of threaded cartridge valves, specialty valves and integrated packages in the industry. Parker is staffed with experienced cartridge and application engineers to design andspecify products to meet customer applications.

Many more types of accessory valves are available than shown here. Please contact the experts at Am-Dyn-Ic Fluid Power Inc for more information.


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