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Am-Dyn-Ic Fluid Power Inc is your leading source for Hydraulic Cylinders. We stock industry leading brand name cylinders from manufacturers such as Parker (Commercial Intertech), Custom Hoist and Cross Mfg.

We can supply your needs for single & double acting Telescopic Hoists, Tie Rod cylinders and also Welded cylinders by request.


Tie Rod Cylinders:
Added bearing areas.
Superior mechanical strength.
More reliable dynamic seals.


Welded Cylinders:
* Rugged, fully welded construction
* Bore sizes: 2" thru 10-1/2"
* Designs for pressures to 3500 psi
* For strokes up to 150"
* Honed, polished ID surfaces
* Hard chrome plated piston rods
* Adjustable or nonadjustable rod seals
* Dual lip wiper to prevent contamination
* Complete choice of end mountings and port sizes


Single Acting Telescopic Hoist:
* Plunger diameters: 2" thru 9-3/4"
* Strokes up to 400"
* 1-6 moving stages available
* Maximum pressure to 2500 psi
* High quality V-packing to seal high and
   low pressures
* Externally threaded head nuts for extra
   strength and easy adjustment
* Special plunger stops assure full shoulder stop
* Easy access bleeder screw, manual or automatic
* High quality glass filled nylon bearing rings
* Dual lip wiper to prevent contamination
* Wide range of mountings, including trunnions
* Maximum overlap for stability



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