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All Parker pumps and motors leave the factory and a distributor's location with an ID tag. Please supply the part number from this tag when ordering a replacement unit.

See example below:

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We are an authorized Parker Build and Repair Center. We stock thousands of components and have full machining capabilities.
You can be assured that we can build the pump or motor that you need, when you need it.

Contact the experts at Am-Dyn-Ic Fluid Power today!





We specialize in the Parker Hannifin line of quality gear pumps and motors, which includes former brand names such as Commercial Intertech, Gresen and Tyrone.
Offered options include choices of aluminum or cast iron construction, precision roller bearing or low-friction bushing type internal shaft rollers, and a wide range of mounting options and porting. Pumps and motors are available as single or multiple units.

Let us custom build your pump or motor to your specifications. Repair/Replacement parts are in stock and available also.

C101/C102 Series Pump & Valve Dump Pump

Direct and Remote Mounts available.
Patented relief valve protection.
Pressures to 2500psi.
Flows from 9.5 to 48gpm.
Includes HC101/HC102 and G101/G102 Series.
Speeds to 2400rpm 2 & 3 line installation.
Air shift kits available.
Example P/N: C102D2.5-1
                or 314-9325-202




PGP020/031/051/051/076 Series Roller Bearing Pumps/Motors

Single and Multiple pump/motor, Flow Divider, Piggyback and Winch Motor configurations are available.
Speeds up to 2400 rpm.
Pressures up to to 3000 psi (206 bar).
Output flows up to to 66 gpm (250 lpm).
Average PGM051 torque up to 2250 in-lbs @ 2500 psi (172 bar).
Optional priority, two-speed, and unloader valves are available.
Example P/N: PGP020A396QUYL20-65
               or  308-9113-084


PGP/PGM315/330/350/365 Series Bushing Pumps/Motors

Three-piece cast iron construction.
Low friction bushing design.
Heavy-duty applications.
Single, multiple, piggyback & thru-drive assemblies.
Example P/N: PGM315A993VREB20-66
               or  326-9129-006



PGP505 Series Pumps/Motors

Single or Multiple configurations
Continuous pressures to 4000psi
Pump flows to 37gpm
Motors with outputs to over 60hp
Displacement range: 2-52cc (.12 - 3.17 cir)
Example P/N: PGM505A293BEAD06-26
               or  331-9212-001


P16 Series Aluminum Pumps

Cast iron pumping sections for durability.
Aluminum body and flange for excellent power to weight ratio.
Journal bearings for long life and good over-hung load capacity.
Buna-N seals are standard for petrolium & glycol based fluids - "Viton" seals are optional Pressure balanced plates for greater efficiency.
Example P/N: P16-150A-2N2





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