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IQAN Technical data

New high-end platform, IQAN-MDL
32-bit platform for large applications and computation capacity.
Automotive 6.5" transflective high resolution TFT color display.
Multiple CAN gateways (SAE J1939, CANopen, DeviceNet).
Memory card for data storage, e.g. online manuals (SD-card technology).
Remote access with integrated 3-band GSM modem.
Optimal utilization with flexible I/O Input types: pulse/directional frequency (quadrature), voltage, digital.
Output types: PWM, current-regulated, digital.

New expansion modules, IQAN-XA2, -XS2
Rugged outdoor expansion modules.
Intelligent CAN address set-up.
Optimal utilization with flexible I/O Input types: pulse/directional frequency (quadrature), voltage, digital.
Output types: PWM, current-regulated, digital.

Windows-based design tool, IQANdesign

  • Function design
  • Real time machine simulation
  • System layout
  • System and machine log set-up
  • Graphical measurement
  • User defined display page layout (support for standard JPEG and BMP images)

Parker's IQAN is a new concept, based on user friendly, immensely flexible software. IQAN makes it possible to develop better machinery more quickly, at a much lower cost. The unique IQAN approach combines sturdy, well-tested hardware with intelligent, flexible computing power. Am-Dyn-Ic Fluid Power Inc works closely with Parker to offer our customers the technological advantage that IQAN offers. Contact one of our friendly representatives today.

With IQAN you will be able to integrate all control
systems into one. On a mobile machine this opens up a whole array of new possibilities, without adding complexity. Being user-friendly means that it is possible to alter or add functions at the development stage as well as later on. All this can be done with a laptop or a palmtop computer and the master module, without any programming skills.

Design Features
New level of user-friendliness

Better safety

Higher productivity

More powerful diagnostics

Improved ergonomics

Easy to add options

Error handling support

Intuitive graphic interface

Building more advanced machines - with simplicity

Design your own system layout
Design your own system layout by deciding what functions you want to control and their locations, including other interfaces. Select the necessary IQAN components from the menu. Now you have a virtual prototype and complete documentation.

Design the functions
Decide how input signals should control and limit a specific function. Determine the source of the input signals and link them with IQANdesign. The function is now complete and its performance is only limited by how well you know the machine in question.

Simulate and evaluate
Simulate and evaluate your virtual machine directly in IQANdesign. Rigorous tests can now be performed without fear of expensive damage. Modifications can be made in an instant.

Move the machine into your computer

Quick changes
Making changes and trying new solutions takes just seconds when you don't have to modify a real machine. Simply type in new values, add sensors and see what happens. By trying erroneous input values (failure modes), the consequences can be monitored and taken into account..

Make it work - the first time around
With your control system connected to your prototype, you can rest assured it will work the way you planned it. You may find that some functions need a little adjustment to work properly in reality, but any changes are easy to try out -- just connect a laptop computer to the IQAN-MDL and start fine tuning.

Servicing is greatly simplified in a number of ways. Sensors can easily be calibrated in the field and any error is recorded in the IQAN-MDL. Since all errors are logged, a laptop or palmtop computer can be used to upload the data for further analysis.


Very often on-site machinery is located far from home-base support. The built-in modem enables cost effective remote access to the machine.

Remote fault analysis and troubleshooting is easily handled using IQAN software. This also allows easy updates and tuning of your machine.

Machine status and logs can automatically be sent to your home base. This provides data for maintenance planning, fleet management, invoicing, etc.

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