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The Parker (Gresen) and Cross Manufacturing Monoblock Control Valve series' offer a great product in a small one-piece body design. Common uses include agricultural, mobile and industrial applications, where a solid performing, basic control valve is required. Options are available to accommodate cylinder and hydraulic motor operation, as well as various spool and shift type configurations.

SP/SPK/SSK Monoblock Control Valves (Legacy product)
-up to 20 GPM nominal flow/2000psi

·  Monoblock body design
·  Available in parallel (SP & SPK) or series
   (SSK) configurations
·  Available in 1-, 2-, or 3-spool versions
   (model SSK available in 2-spool only)
·  Adjustable or non-adjustable ball/spring type
   relief valve. Optional differential poppet, main
   relief valve available.
·  Built-in, reverse flow check — one check for
   ‘A’ port circuit and one for ‘B’ port circuit in
   series SP and SPK (one for each spool in
   series SSK)
·  Control handles may be mounted in ‘up’ or
   ‘down’ position
·  Numerous spool positioner options available
·  (Optional) power-beyond conversion, port
   outlet available

Example P/N'S: SP-4-HP, SSK-4-4-HP

The Parker Model SP/SPK/SSK Monoblock type Directional Control Valves are manufactured to give outstanding long-lasting peformance. Spools are hone-fitted for above average 'load hold' Characteristics,

Model SP valves are available in 3 way(single acting) or 4 way(double acting), 4 way free flow(motor) or with combinations of each. Valves are available with 1, 2 or 3 spools.

Model SPK valves are available in 1, 2 or 3 spool configurations. The number 1 spool is always a 4 way 4 position float spool, with the center core and work ports open to tank. The remaining spools are standard 3 or 4 way, with center (neutral position) hold.

Model SSK valves are designed for series circuit operation, whereas simultaneous operation of two cylinders or motors is possible by directing the discharge oil from the cylinder or motor controlled by the number 1 spool to the cylinder or motor controlled by the number 2 spool. the number 1 spool is always a 4 way 4 position float spool, the number 2 spool is a 4 way 3 position spool with spring return to neutral. Pressure is additive, thus the sum of both sections cannot exceed the main relief or pump pressure rating.


Model SS Directional Control Valve
  • Up to 9 gpm, 3000 psi, ductile iron body
  • Series operation
  • Single unit or multi-function operation with stackable capabilities
  • Excellent spool metering, low leakage, manual and float detents available.
Model AD Directional Control Valve
  • 15 gpm, 3000 psi, 1 or 2 spool model with integral relief and loadchecks.
  • Excellent metering, low leakage.
  • Variety of spool types and actuator options
  • Power beyond and closed center available
Model BA Directional Control Valve
  • 1, 2 or 3 spool valve, 30 gpm, 2500 psi.
  • Excellent metering, integral differential poppet-type relief and load checks.
  • Variety of spool types and actuator option.
  • Power beyond and closed center available.
Model BC Directional Control Valve
  • Single spool, manually adjustable, built-in pressure compensated priority type flow control
  • Characteristics and options similar to BA except open center only.
C Series Directional Control Valve
  • 1 or 2 spools, 30 gpm, built-in relief, pressure balanced hard chrome spools are select fit honed.
  • Available in 3-way and 4-way configurations, open or closed center, variety of detent options.
    Model CA - manual version,
    spring centered.

    Model CD - automatic pressure
    kickout version.
    Model CS - solenoid operated
Converta Directional Control Valve
  • Single spool standard model, open center only
  • Simple field conversion from 4-way to 3-way as well as spring centered to manual detent.



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