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Example of typical RVC Controller,
Cable and Connection Kit use:





Teleflex Morse速 is an industry leader in Remote Hydraulic Valve Control Cables and Connections.

Am-Dyn-Ic Fluid Power Inc specializes in and stocks the Teleflex Morse Remote Valve Control Cables and Connections.



Remote Valve Control Cables
(We stock in 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 & 120 Inch lengths)

Use with Teleflex Morse Controllers for remote operation of hydraulic directional control valve spools. Available in even foot sizes.
P/N: 302845-000-"length in inches"

PDF Spec's

*See information on available RVC controllers below:


Remote Valve Control System

Morse Valve Control Systems are the ideal way to provide precise, dependable control of high pressure hydraulic valves, such as directional control spool valves.

You can locate the valves where they work best and are easiest to install. Eliminates the problem and potential dangers of installing hot and noisy high pressure hydraulic lines in the operator's control station. Both installation and maintenance are simplified.

Morse remote valve controls are compact, easy-to-install units that can be used singly or "stacked" to operate any number of hydraulic directional control valves. The controls are connected to the valve by a specifically engineered flexible push pull cable that simply flexes around obstacles to make installation and adjustment fast and easy.

Unique "Bonneted"Cable To Valve Connection

The unique "bonneted" cable-to-valve connection not only eliminates the need for special brackets or fabrication, it also provides protection for the cable end and valve stem from the effects of dirt, wash-down cleaners and adverse weather.


Single Axis Controls

The single-axis remote Valve Control is self centering and provides a total of 1.6" of cable travel to operate a single valve. The control head has a rugged die cast housing that need not be disassembled to attach the control cable, and no cable brackets or clamps are required. These units may be used singly or stacked, and they are available with either 10" or 12" levers, with a choice of durable plastic knobs.
P/N: 206301


Dual Axis Controls Operate Two Valves With A Single Lever

As easy to install as single Axis, the Dual-Axis Remote Valve Controls provide a total of 1.26" of cable travel. The two valves are operated independently.
P/N: 308721



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