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Parker PAVC Variable Displacement Piston Pumps are available in several displacement sizes and have a range of options to suit your particular application. Controls for pressure compensation, load sense, horsepower limiting and load sensing are also available. Housing are built from high-strength cast iron. Sealed bearings, replaceable port plate, two-piece pump design, as well as many other features make the PAVC pump a great choice for operational cost effectiveness and return on investment(ROI).
Parker F11 and F12 are bent axis, fixed displacement heavy-duty pump/motor series. They can be used in numerous applications in both open and closed loop circuits.

Series PAVC Variable Volume Piston Pumps 

  High Strength Cast-Iron Housing
  Built-In Supercharger
  High Speed Capability - 3000 RPM
   (2600 RPM      PAVC100)
  Sealed Shaft Bearing
  Two Piece Design For Ease of Service
  Cartridge Type Controls - Field Changeable
  Replaceable Bronze Clad Port Plate
  Airbleed Standard for Quick Priming
  Hydrodynamic Cylinder Barrel Bearing
  Thru-Shaft (PAVC100 Only)
  Full Pressure Rating On Water Glycol Fluids
  Pump Case and Shaft Seal
  Filter and/or Cool Drain Line (100 PSI Max.)

  Pressure Compensated
  Load Sensing
  Horsepower (Torque) Limiting
  Horsepower and Load Sensing
  Remote Pressure Compensated
  Adjustable Maximum Volume Stop
  Electrohydraulic Pressure
  Electrohydraulic Flow & Pressure (Servo Control)
  Low Pressure Standby

Example P/N: PAVC100932L4A22X3855


Series PVP Variable Volume Piston Pumps

High strength cast iron housing
Modular controls
Fast response times
Thru-shaft options
Optional port location
9 and 11 piston design
English and metric mounting
Low control pressures

Example P/N: 


Bent Axis Fixed Displacement Pumps/Motors

Thanks to the unique spherical piston design, F11/F12 motors can
be used at unusually high shaft speeds. Operating pressures to 7000 psi provides for the high output power capability.
The 40 angle between shaft and cylinder barrel allows for a very compact, lightweight motor/pump.


Series F11 Piston Pumps/Motors

Available in the following frame
  sizes and versions:
- F11-5, -10, 19 and -150 with CETOP
  mounting flange and shaft end.
- F11-19, -150 and -250 with SAE
  flange and shaft.


Series F12 Piston Pumps/Motors

Conforms to current ISO and SAE
   mounting flange and shaft end
A very compact cartridge version is
also available.
Frame sizes:
- F12-30, -40, -60, -80 and -110.

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