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Parker offers a wide range of stackable control valve models to meet any hydraulic system requirement. From the former Gresen Hydraulics and former Commercial Intertech lines, as well as availability of open center, closed center, load sense, pressure compensation variations, to manual handle, control cable, hydraulic remote and electric solenoid operation options, Parker and Am-Dyn-Ic Fluid Power has you covered.

MV3 Series Midget Control Valves
-6 GPM nominal flow/3000 psi

  Superior versatility
  Open and closed center configurations
  Excellent metering characteristics
  Inlet load drop checks
  Optional high flow inlets
  Fourth position float

MV3 Series Midget Directional Control Valves provide multiple-function directional control in series, parallel and series-parallel circuits. Proven for more than 30 years in thousands of mobile and industrial hydraulic systems, they are modular in design and can be assembled in a wide variety of circuit configurations.

V20 Directional Control Valve
-20 GPM nominal flow/3500 psi


  Exact work port control
  Built in safety
  Housings are made of ductile cast iron
   for durability and resistance to shock

  Seal compatibility

The Parker (Gresen) V20 Directional Control Valves are offered in six different models and are grouped into two basic systems, open center and closed center. The open center group includes valves with parallel circuit, tandem circuit, combination parallel/tandem circuit, and series circuit. the closed center group includes valves with constant pressure parallel circuit,  and load sensing/flow and pressure compensated, parallel circuit.

V20 Hydraulic Remote Dir. Control Valve
-20 GPM nominal flow/3500 psi

  Either open center or closed center hydraulic
  Override adjustment option available
  Field installation on existing Series V20
   Directional Control Valves
  All Series V20 features are available
  Load checks for all work ports
 Work port anti-cavitation checks
  Work port relief valves
  Work port restrictors
Hydraulic Remote Spool Actuators, Option HR, provide for remote operation of the Series V20 Directional Control Valve with two or three-position spools.

An external adjustment screw override, Option Code HRO, is available as an option. The screw provides for emergency manual operation in case of pilot pressure failure or permits lowering a load with the pump shut down.

A customer-supplied, remotely located hydraulic controller will provide infinite spool positioning for metering flow to the work ports of the V20 valve. The only limitation for a metering capability is the pressure regulating performance of the hydraulic controller or the valve.

DVA/DVG20 & 35 Dir. Control Valves
-up to 70 GPM flow/3500 psi

  Built-in, full-flow relief valves
  Parallel and series circuits in one bank
  Manual, hydraulic, electric or pneumatic
  Sectional construction for maximum flexibility
  Spool changeover capability for right or left
   hand valve assemblies
  Low spool effort-improved metering

Parker's (Commercial) DVA/DVG20 & 35 series control valves have well proven records for reliability in controlling fluid power. The VA models are cast from gray iron and are rated for 2500 psi. The VG models are cast from compacted graphite, a high strength iron alloy that allows for a 3500 psi rating.
These models feature symmetrically timed spools, which allows for easy removal and reversal of spool for left or right hand operation.
These models offer a wide range of function configurations, assuring that a control valve meeting your specific needs is a call away.



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